About The Cardinal

A Sustainable Craft Focusing on the Natural Beauty of Imperfections

I started this business with one rule - to be as sustainable as possible with sourcing of my materials as well as with the process of making the item. This led me to urban wood, that you often find on the side of the road or at the land fill. Memphis is an urban city, but is filled with MASSIVE shade trees like Pecan, Oak, and Maple. Often times these trees are cut to protect power lines, or to make room for new developments. Unfortunately, around 90% of this ends up in a landfill. Some of these trees have 90+ years in them, just to be killed and decayed. This is why I go in search of my materials here. Each piece is made from an imperfect, random tree that can have crazy growth patterns, old scars, etc. It is then crafted while still green to allow the wood to shift, naturally relax, and do its thing. This creates a one of the kind, unreplicatable piece that can bring beauty into your home, cook a meal for your family, or hold a nourishing bowl of soup. All of that potential rests in these beautiful trees, and it's my goal to display that.

In addition, I work with clay. One of the most natural materials you can find on this earth. Bowls, cups, vases, sculpture. All made with the same intent - allowing for some natural imperfections. In a world of mass production, everything is the same. Without variation, there lacks creativity and beauty. Each item has something unique about it and I strive to make that the heart of each piece.

I hope I can create something that you feel drawn to and I can't wait to share the story behind your next piece.